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Hireway.com = Social Network Job Posting... Free... Forever.™

Hireway.com is a free job board for both employers and job seekers. What makes Hireway.com unique is that we will broadcast an employer's (free) job posting out to 15 social networks. The only thing an employer needs to do is post a job on Hireway.com and we'll take care of the social network posting. This free tool was originally developed for Staffback, a hiring process outsourcing company, and we decided to make it available to the HR community for free as many companies do not have a social network job posting strategy and/or cannot afford to pay the companies currently trying to sell the same service Hireway is bringing to market for free.


Hireway is also providing rich blog content for job seekers and employers. Thank you in advance for recommending our free tool!


The Hireway.com Team



Social Network Job Posting... Free... Forever.™



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