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Healthcare Career Readiness

Healthcare Career Readiness


Welcome to an innovative way for job seekers and career counselors to ‘get on the same page’ when it comes to employment opportunities in healthcare.


We call this patented visualization tool the Healthcare Career Readiness Sphere. It’s a self-guided preplanning tool for job seekers, which can also be used by career coaches and counselors. It is currently used by Colorado Department of Labor; colleges, high schools, non-profits and employers.


What makes this system unique? It shows the “whole” life of a job-seeker in context. Typically, a primary criterion for educational preparation in healthcare is a minimum grade and desire for the job. Missing are the day-to-day realities of a student’s life—overlooked details that often prompt them to drop out of school. Or later, contributes to the high rate of employee attrition in the field. Those hidden details may involve transportation or childcare needs, or responsibilities to an aging parent. They can include an unrealistic view of what the job entails; what it pays, future education requirements and so forth.


Now, with the HCR Sphere, this critical information can be discovered and addressed immediately. The HCR Sphere provides a snapshot of reality for the job seeker or counselor. It reveals readiness. It provides clarity of purpose. It allows participants to leverage strengths while addressing the challenges they face.


This “strengths-focused” approach to education and employment enables a job seeker to be better prepared for success.


This on-line tool features 58 questions and takes roughly 10 minutes to complete. The results are displayed on one single page; in the shape of a sphere, revealing all data in context. This easy-to-use system enables end-users to save considerable time and resources. Research has shown the system to be very effective.


The HCR Sphere was created as a collaborative project between the Colorado Department of Labor, educators and private employers.

Best Uses Evaluate job seeker readiness for education and a career in healthcare


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