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Great Job! Online Community For Job Seekers

Great Job! is an online community for job seekers built for state/local workforce boards by Business Access. It allows WIBs to offer an unlimited amount of online resources and a social network to their mid- and high-level job seekers with easy enrollment and detailed tracking of activities.


Great Job! “puts it all in one place” for job seekers. It features hundreds of online resources including: customized training by Dr. Stephen Covey; personal planning system, social networking and a community manager to guide participants along the way.


Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas launched Great Job! in Spring 2009. With more than 3,500 self-enrolled, participants have applied for 10,000+ jobs using the system, enrolled in 14,000+ courses and are engaged in 700 different forum discussions. Success stories range from those who found jobs after short periods of unemployment to those that ended long-term unemployment using the tools, resources and social support of Great Job!


Participants say…


-“It really helps you stay positive and sharpens/refreshes your skills. The material and subjects covered are so good that they give you new and renewed perspective.”


“The community manager was a great inspiration for me; she kept in contact through email and helped me through the process. I really appreciated the tools such as the consolidated job search, however; for me it was the personal contact that made the difference.”


Great Job! is one of Business Access’ suite of workforce technology programs including the award winning “In-Home Learning System” for hard-to-serve populations. With over a million hours online generated by workforce program participants, Business Access programs continue to be studied by universities, foundations, cities and states with unprecedented results. For more information, visit our website: www.business-access.com or contact us at info@business-access.com.


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