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GadBall ( is a unique career portal for Job Seekers and One Stop Centers developed and supported by Data Frenzy, its clients, and job board partners. GadBall is entirely free for Job Seekers and One Stop Centers.


GadBall has several job search, job matching and career exploration features; even though only one category selection is permissible for this challenge, GadBall is a good fit for all categories.


The same technologies used by Data Frenzy’s clients have been configured specifically for Job Seekers on GadBall. Data Frenzy ( is the largest US and global job posting and resume processing company. Clients include local employers as well as multi-national organizations such as Ann Taylor, Disney, Hobby Lobby, Humana, JetBlue, JWT, Siemens – and hundreds of others. Data Frenzy is partnered with over 2,000 job boards throughout the US and worldwide, and is a Certified Alliance Partner with


No other employment related website has access to the extensive technologies and job board partnerships that provide the depth of resources available to Job Seekers on GadBall.


GadBall is a proven success. The State of Texas’ WorkInTexas website and the State of Utah’s Department of Workforce Services both link to GadBall. Several One Stop Centers direct their Clients to GadBall, and two One Stop Centers have already implemented GadBall’s free Administration Module for One Stops to register new Clients to their Centers.


GadBall is entirely free to Job Seekers, One Stop Centers, and State Workforce Agencies.


**** Resources for Job Seekers ****

•• Resume Builder – Integrated with the O*NET Occupations

* O*NET provides expertly written text describing in detail the responsibilities, duties and tasks associated with over 4,000 occupation titles. GadBall wrote software to easily access this data. With one click Job Seekers can add any of this text to their resumes. A Job Seeker can build a professional and detailed resume in minutes.


•• Resume Templates

* Resume data, saved as on online Career Profile, is easily converted into a downloadable resume document. Users select from any of several Templates, use it to apply for jobs or print a hard copy for an interview.


•• Resume Scoring & Evaluation

* Using the same contextual software technology employers use to evaluate resumes, Job Seekers submit their resumes for review by the software. Results are displayed with suggestions for improvement. Suggestions include links to relevant O*NET Occupations and a list of key terms found in the top 20% of resumes in the occupation group.

* This sophisticated feature allows a Job Seeker the opportunity to improve the resume BEFORE submitting it. Employers may receive hundreds of resumes for a job posting; Job Seekers utilizing this feature have an advantage – their resumes are configured to appear at the top of the list.


•• Comprehensive Job Search – Millions of Jobs from Company Websites and Job Boards

* The Job Search on GadBall queries active local jobs from several websites, including GadBall, Data Frenzy, company websites, and Data Frenzy Job Board Partners.

* Job Seekers are NOT required to create a GadBall account to use this feature or apply to jobs.


•• O*NET Integrated Career Interest Assessment & Job Research

* Job Seekers completing the O*NET Career Interest Assessment on GadBall will identify personal interests; these are linked to matching O*NET Occupations.

* GadBall has integrated the O*NET Occupations to our Comprehensive Job Search. One click from an O*NET Occupation initiates a query of millions of jobs and displays all active local jobs.

* This feature is referred to on the GadBall site as “Work Genius.”


•• Online Career Profile Hosting

* When set to Public Viewing the Career Profile is optimized for indexing by all major search engines.

* Employers are using Google to search for resumes; these Career Profiles are designed to appear near the top of employer’s searches.


•• Interactive Resume Enhancement Tools

* Recommendations – Endorsements from co-workers distinguish the User from other Job Seekers, increasing the opportunity for an interview.

* Resume Proof Reading – Input from friends and associates is invaluable in improving a resume.


•• Career Videos for more than 500 Occupations

* Videos are provided by the Department of Labor and Department of Education.

* Each video allows the User to visualize the work environment and has detailed information about the duties and necessary qualifications of each job.

* Videos are integrated with the GadBall Comprehensive Job Search; with one click the Comprehensive Job Search will query millions of jobs and display all active local jobs.


•• Accurate Job Matching

* Utilizing the contextual evaluation technology, each resume is automatically reviewed by the software and compared to active jobs.

* The software recommends jobs for the User to review; results are refreshed daily.


•• Job Search Agents

* Users identify the search criteria; matching jobs are emailed to the Job Seeker.

* Users can have multiple Job Search Agents.


•• Integration with Social Networking Sites

* Networking is a critical component to any successful job search.

* From GadBall Job Seekers can update their accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace (and many other social networking sites) with their updated Career Profile.


•• Reporting and Tracking for GadBall Users

* Job Application Monitoring – All jobs applied to on GadBall are saved in a folder, providing an easy way to identify where follow up is necessary.

* Profile View Reporting - Displays views for Public Profiles (using IP addresses and geo-location software). This report displays the number of views and the location of the inquiry.


•• Resume Distribution

* Several job boards (including are integrated with GadBall permitting Users to submit their GadBall profile to create an account on the job board. This eliminates the need to retype resume information multiple times.



**** Resources for One Stops ****

The GadBall Administration Site (free to One Stops) provides One Stop staff access to view critical utilization information for each One Stop Client. With this access, staff can quickly view real-time account data for each Client to identify the specific areas of assistance the Client needs.


•• Profile Score Analysis

* Each resume on GadBall is given a Profile Score identifying how well the content of the resume fits the selected occupational category. A low score needs to be addressed. With access to the Profile Score, and our Tips for improving a score, One Stop staff can identify and assist the Clients who need help with this important document.


•• Website Login History

* This feature documents and displays the date and time of each Client’s login to GadBall. GadBall provides numerous features to Job Seekers that are not available elsewhere, and even provides access to other job boards; many One Stops require Clients to access GadBall as their primary job search site. A low login count history helps One Stop staff document and identify potentially troublesome Clients.


•• History of Applied Jobs

* For jobs applied to directly on GadBall, the complete job description, contact information, and the current status of the job are displayed.

* For jobs provided by job board partners, an activity list is provided which includes the number of clicks the Client made to view the detailed job description.

* With this information, One Stops can help Clients refine their job search techniques.


•• Career Interest Assessment Results

* Clients who take the O*NET Career Interest Assessment on GadBall are provided with the O*NET descriptions of each relevant occupation, and a link to the GadBall Comprehensive Job Search. One Stop staff can view the Client’s Assessment results, and assist with job search and additional training resources.


•• Communicating with Clients through GadBall

* The “Latest Updates” section of the User’s Dashboard displays current and relevant information. GadBall can insert messages from the One Stop into the “Latest Updates” of each Client.


•• Active Job Search Agents

* One Stop staff can access each Client’s current Job Search Agents to provide assistance in creating these automated job searches.


**** A Note to One Stops Regarding Tracking and Reporting ****

* Tracking and Reporting requires the One Stop Center to direct Clients to GadBall through a tracking URL. Tracking URL’s are provided free to One Stop Centers.

* GadBall is unable to provide the above listed Client Utilization Access features when Clients create an account directly on – the tracking URL identifies your One Stop Center as the source of each Client, and you will have access to the above features ONLY for each of your Clients.

* To request a free tracking URL, One Stops should click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the home page. Please include the address and primary phone number of your One Stop Center; we will email your tracking URL within 24 hours.

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