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Flowork Social Network Management System

The Flowork Social Networking System involves a training program which teaches individuals how to become social explorers; that is, through social exploration, individuals learn how to identify both their own and others capabilities in establishing relationships which lead to goal attainment. The training involves a unique set of self-assessment tools which assist an individual in identifying his or her strengths and weakness in capitalizing on the potential that exist within their network. It provides the social explorer the tools needed to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that will endure well past the accomplishment of a single goal and it equips them with the skills to last a lifetime.


Flowork Manager is a networking management tool that is either Portable or Online. The tool provides a visual representation of the networking process and what the individual is going through to gather information. The Flowork Manager allows the individual or organization to monitor the information gathering process. The tool helps identify strategies to increase the flow of information that leads to a solution.


The Flowork Manager allows you to monitor your networking activities. You can either work on your own or you may decide to work with a Flowork coach. However you do it, the key is to monitor the number of opportunities you identify and how you move them towards a solution. The Flowork Manager will serve as an organizer of your contacts and allow you to maintain a list of your contacts and where they are in the networking process.

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