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EmployRI - Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training

EmployRI is a powerful, free online workforce development tool designed for job seekers, students, employers, training providers, workforce professionals, and analysts. For job seekers and students, EmployRI is like having a personal online career counselor who can walk you through the process of analyzing your current skills, finding training, writing a great resume and searching through jobs to find new employment. For employers, EmployRI is like having a personal workforce development assistant, who can post your job orders, select qualified candidates and access the current labor market conditions. Training providers can also enter their programs directly into EmployRI for potential students. Economists and analysts can utilize EmployRI's vast database of industry and occupational information including wages and projected employment.

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Best Uses In EmployRI, job seekers and students will find: Automated resume and cover letter writing Various ways to search for employment - Search by preferred employers - Search by location, source and date of job posting - Search by skills required or resume criteria An expanded 10-step process for job seekers to find new employment A Virtual Recruiter to find postings based on your skills and résumé An enhanced list of eligible training providers and programs Personalized resources, including event calendars, appointments and messages Online resume postings to attract preferred employers with job openings In EmployRI, employers have the ability to: Create and post your job orders Write job descriptions using universally recognized occupational skills and abilities Conduct talent searches that match your job postings Access an enhanced list of eligible training providers and programs Personalize resources including an event calendar, appointments and messages Interact with Job Seeker Services, where registered applicants can view and apply for your job postings


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