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Emails4Corporations.com is a free online resource that shows you how corporate email addresses are set-up. Proactive job seekers use this type of information in order to improve their networking efforts by reaching out directly to company insiders at their target companies.


Networking/Informational Interviewing best practices:

1) Job seekers should utilize business networking websites like Linkedin.com or Xing.com to identify inside company contacts at their target companies. Look for people working in your desired industry/functional area.

2) Next go to www.Emails4Corporations.com to figure out the email address pattern for the target company you are trying to reach.

3) Craft a compelling email to your contact by identifying who you are, how you found them, and what information you are seeking to uncover. People love talking about themselves, so if you ask questions about people's previous successes, they will be more willing to talk with you.

4) When you get a reply, you might try asking a few more questions or even suggest a short phone conversation be set-up. The goal of the conversation is to create rapport and show that you are a good person and might be a good fit for their company. If your contact offers to help forward your resume onto an internal recruiter/hiring manager, take them up on it, and thank them for their help.

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