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As a purely Minnesota resource Diversity Minnesota is meeting face to face with cultural, religious and other specialized organizations on a daily basis.


As an employer, we help your company attract people with new insights and perspectives in order to remain competitive in the increasingly global marketplace. Diversity Minnesota is a unique entity focusing on Minnesota’s diverse organizations and job seekers, helping your company reach its goals of inclusion and community representation.


Diversity Minnesota offers job seekers an active outreach program designed to help Minnesotans connect with their community and reach employers committed to cultural diversity in their workforce. We offer listings of staffing companies and consultants who specialize in Diversity and our ethnic and cultural event calendar is packed with events found throughout our great state. We also provide a broad list of Minnesota cultural and religious organizations and publications.


At Diversity Minnesota we partner with organizations that help their members to find employment by informing them about pertinent jobs and providing a volunteer section where open volunteer positions can be posted at no charge.


We welcome comments on how to better serve our job seeking clients. Please give us a call at any time at 763-784-9393 in the Twin Cities or 1-800-632-1576 outside the Twin Cities or email us at

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