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Contact eConnect- Command center software for career development

Connecting with employers, job seekers, staff, and training providers has never been easier! With Contact eConnect you can manage your data intake, follow-up, servicing, training, and reporting needs. Through the use of Contact forms you can connect with job seekers, employers, staff, and educators, managing your career development process. Each electronic contact form can be coded to streamline the information gathered, and specific actions can be automatically generated based on the information selected, whether it’s forwarding a form to a particular person, or putting the individual in a list for services.


With Contact eConnect, you can:

• Get targeted information from your job seeking clients to help you better service their needs. Every item responded to becomes a demographic capture for data.

• Streamline communication between clients and staff.

• Make more effective use of staff – automating follow-up

• Ask anything in the form of a question or survey

• Reach out to clients on the web or at a work station

• Gather contact information and identify the job flow and workflow activities to progress the client through workforce development, career development, or the job placement process.

• Wrap any services or resources that need to be provided to the client around the contact form with structured follow-up.

• Customize Contact Forms to your needs.


Visit the website to demo a standard contact form for basic job seeker registration. See the possibilities for measuring and facilitating connections between your clients, staff, employers, agencies, volunteers, etc.

Best Uses communication between job seeker and staff, tracking clients, automating services, tracking demographic data


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