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Checkster - Talent Checkup

Checkster's Talent Checkup is an online system to request constructive, confidential feedback on your work performance - from the peers and colleagues that know you and your talents best. This is the same 360 Degree Feedback process used by many executive teams.

By making this process available to you free of charge (for the standard version), Checkster makes it possible for you to use it to discover your strengths and promotable qualities. With this feedback, you can boost your career - taking it to the next level of promotion and satisfaction. The results are delivered online and ready to use in minutes.


How Checkster Can Help You:

1. Differentiate your application (attach a Checkster Report to prove your performance)

2. Make each email a promotion for you (put a link to your Report in your signature)

3. Boost your Linkedin recommendations (supplement them with Checkster a tool really used by employers)

4. Substantiate your cover letter (include quotes from your colleagues on your achievements)

5. Convince interviewers (transform your answers from an unsubstantiated sales pitch to an endorsement from colleagues)




Best Uses Differentiate your application, resume, Linkedin profile or convince interviewers.



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