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CareerScribe - Helping Candidates Get Hired!!


Innovative Solutions for Candidates and Workforce Development Professionals. is a free, ongoing virtual career management system for candidates. Our solution offers individuals the ability to upload any and all

documents, providing evidence of their professional life.


Enabling candidates to:


Document – Beyond a static resume, CareerScribe offers candidates an online portfolio in which to archive career highlights, documents, activities and achievements, as well as an introduction video where they can showcase their communication skills and professionalism.


Maintain – CareerScribe Profiles can be continually updated from anywhere to promote new activities, goals and experiences.


Share – Candidates can share their CareerScribe profiles with anyone at no cost to them.


For the workforce professional, CareerScribe offers an enhanced opportunity to engage, support, and promote candidates easily and effectively.


Allowing workforce professionals the ability to group applicants by any categorization that offers meaning, message applicants by group or en masse, and monitor applicants progress as they build and leverage their

robust professional profile.


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