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Career Management Alliance - Association of Career Practitioners

The Alliance gives job seekers free access to our directory of career experts-- professionals who can help you make your job search more effective, your interview skills shine, your resume stand out, and your career goals match your personal brand.


You can request a list of providers in your area or ask to have providers contact you directly.All of our members sign our code of ethics (http://www.careermanagementalliance.com/ethics.php) and want to help you be successful.


The Career Management Alliance bridges all sectors of the careers industry-- private practice, college and university career centers, government and military career transition, outplacement and more. Visit our member bookstore (http://www.careermanagementalliance.com/books.php) for the best books on job search, and our member blog http://www.careermanagementalliance.com/blog/ for advice and how-to's from the best in the business.

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