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Career Cruising - The Complete Guidance System

Career Cruising (www.careercruising.com) is an industry-leading online career guidance and planning system. People of all ages use our tools to find the right career, explore education and training options, and build their own portfolio.


Career Cruising has been designed with one goal in mind: to help your clients plan their future. With exceptional assessment tools, detailed occupation profiles, and comprehensive post-secondary education information, users move seamlessly through the career exploration and planning process. Our powerful portfolio system helps users make concrete, long-term plans and document their work and educational experience, and gives you access to the real-time information and statistics you need to track your clients' progress and achievements.


Career advisors and administrators have access to powerful and unique reporting tools designed to measure users' progress, track usage and identify intervention opportunities. Advisors can also choose from an array of customization options designed to tailor Career Cruising to meet the needs of their staff and clients.


Please visit us at http://www.careercruising.com for more information, to request a free trial, or to learn about our add-on modules including Network, an online platform that brings together education and industry to help students achieve their goals and address communities' workforce development needs.

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