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Career Brander

Career Brander provides an integrated suite of technology tools to help job seekers maximize their personal branding, organize their job search and accelerate their networking.

Career Brander's Job Search Radar serves as a centralized dashboard for the job search process. The system allows individuals to data mine deep corporate databases for best-fit companies to target. Once selected, corporate profile information, a list of management team, job listings and other pertinent data is downloaded into the dashboard. It is then automatically cross referenced with the job seekers social network contacts in LinkedIn as well as other social media sites. Then on a daily basis, via advanced web spider technology, the job seeker is forwarded any news regarding the target companies, including: job listings, earnings events, new product launches etc... Job Search Radar is the most powerful job search tool available to consumers. It truly helps uncover hidden job opportunities.

For career marketing, Career Brander software includes: an interactive resume builder, professionally printed business cards and an instant personal website creation tool. All services are focused on ease of use with an emphasis on being utilized by non-technical individuals. The service also offers deep content regarding financial planning and Internet based job searching.

All services are subscription based.

Career Brander is focused on Personal Marketing in a Web 2.0 World and helping individuals find work faster!

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