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Steps to the Best Career for You!


How do you find the right career for you? Step–by–step...

STEP 1 - Self-Assessment

What are your interests - what you like and don't like? What are your skills?



STEP 2 - Time for a California Reality Check

How much money do you need to make to maintain your lifestyle? Can you afford the new Mustang or need to get a used car?



STEP 3 - Explore your Career Options


California Occupational Guides - Now with Local Information - Job description and requirements, job outlook, benefits and wages, licensing, education, training, links to possible employers, how to find a job, and links to additional resources.


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Topic Search:

Top paying jobs

Jobs with the most openings

Fastest-growing occupations

What jobs match your interests?

Jobs by training/education needed



STEP 4 - Get Ready for the Job

Now that you know your career goal what do you need to get the job? Do you need Training or an Apprenticeship? License? Résumé Tips?



STEP 5 - Find the Job

See the Job Search Tools on the right.

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