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Better Jobs Faster

www.betterjobsfaster.org is a community career site designed to take advantage of web 2.0 and social networking with the direct intent to help provide job seekers with information for 21st century job matching. Unique tools found on this site include:


1. Resume Clouds - recruiters scan resumes, they don't read them. The Resume Cloud is a free tool showing job seekers a unique view at what their resume is really saying. It can help candidates differentiate and get a job.


2. Phantom Job Seeker - we have job seekers go "underground" and investigate job seeker products and services and report back on what works, why, and more importantly, what doesn't and what's a scam.


3. Subgroups for Job Networking Groups - NH Net Works is the southern NH networking group run as part of NHWorks OneStop. It allows for community engagement at a sublevel.


4. Hidden Jobs Exposed - jobs come from a variety of sources, and these are jobs that are usually hidden in side-channels, email threads, and through job seekers who've found jobs. By showing them to job seekers they're able to gain an advantage.


5. Recruitment Group Leader Tools - Exercises that networking and placement professionals can download and use to help job seekers in their groups. Exercises include:

- the Resume Reel - an engaging, interactive exercise that helps job seekers see what their resume is really saying.

- the networking reel - applies "speed dating" techniques to networking to help job seekers practice networking skills in a fun and valuable way.

- an exercise in gratitude - helps job seekers manage afflictive emotions relating to job loss and focus on what's most important to develop motivation.

- Pay It Forward Exercise - links job seekers in a race to get a meaningful job and help them help others.


6. Job Hunting Articles - content pulled from multiple sources that provide the best insights and wisdom to job seekers to help give them the right knowledge, skills, and abilities to get the job.


7. News for Job Seekers - keeping job seekers up to date with the latest developments.


8. Peace of Mind Tip of the Week - Helping job seekers to maintain perspective as they move forward in their job search.


9. Discussion forums - to enable job seekers to support each other.


10. Personal and professional profiles - to help members help each other and develop deeper relationships


11. Member endorsements - to help qualify job seekers to employers


12. Member objectives - ability for job seekers to indicate what they want so employers and other job seekers can be helpful to them.

Link to Tool: www.betterjobsfaster.org

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