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Ask The Headhunter

Companies need to hire people who will help produce profit. No job hunting tool in America matches people to companies on this criterion.


This is why Ask The Headhunter is one of the top 3 "Google results" on a search for "headhunter." Ask The Headhunter is where savvy job hunters (and employers) turn for advice -- pure advice, no job boards -- about how to use a top headhunter's methods to match workers and employers profitably. It's the community people join to talk shop and about producing profit.


Guess what? It's hard work. No data bases. Motivation, smarts, persistence and proof you can do the work profitably so an employer will hire you. That's what Ask The Headhunter has been teaching online for 15 years. American business has its head so buried in jobs and resumes databases that PEOPLE are now lost in the system.


Today in America, job hunting and hiring are done in the style of the "drive-by shooting." Data bases, not people, spit out "matches" of "key words," resulting in a feeding frenzy of inaccurate and fabricated information about people and jobs. (An entire industry has sprouted up to help people game this new employment system which is broken beyond repair.) Is it any wonder that with all the unemployed talent on the street, companies cry that they cannot find good hires? Is it any wonder that fills only about 2% of any company's jobs -- while personal contacts are the source of 40%-60% of all hires? Dumb databases are not doing the job in America.


American workers have forgotten that what matters most is the ability to walk into a company and demonstrate, hands down, how you will add profit to the bottom line.


Ask The Headhunter is based on a leading headhunter's methods of matching workers to employers. Headhunter Nick Corcodilos teaches job hunters to pick their target companies carefully, to use a business plan instead of a resume, and to walk into the interview and show a manager how they will contribute to the bottom line.


This "tool" is words. It is advice. It is guidance. Management guru Tom Peters calls Ask The Headhunter "A radical approach to help job hunters win job offers and a powerful hiring tool for employers... Nick Corcodilos shreds some of our most basic assumptions about the way to hire top people - or to get hired."


Since 1995 Nick has answered over 30,000 questions online from his readers. features hundreds of free articles about which job hunters like Ray Stoddard say, "The great news about your recommendations is that they work. The good news for those of us who use them is that few people are really willing to implement what you recommend, giving those of us who do an edge."


Ask The Headhunter comprises several tools:


1. The website:, which features hundreds of free articles that teach people to win a job by showing how they will do the job.

2. The blog:, where job hunters gather to explore and discuss the toughest in-your-face questions about job hunting and hiring.

3. The free weekly newsletter, now 7 years old, which features Q&A topics about today's issues in job hunting.

4. e-books including "How to Work with Headhunters" and "How Can I Change Careers?"


Nothing is automated. Ask The Headhunter requires people to bring their brains so they can learn how to get to work by offering value to an employer. There are no shortcuts. For a brief introduction, see



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