Niche job boards - Job Openings in Procurement and Acquisition enables job seekers to apply for U.S. Government Civilian positions in the Army Contracting Command (ACC). The job openings are for contracting and procurement personnel, and are open to people currently employed in industry or in government. contains information about ACC, job openings and job benefits, and candidates click on links to submit job applications via or


ACC brings together the best minds from contracting, finance and law to assess and establish acquisition strategies for the U.S. Army. With more than 5,200 civilian and military employees at approximately 120 locations worldwide, ACC provides expert contracting support to the Army wherever and whenever it’s needed.


By providing the contracting interface between the business community and the Army’s operational needs, ACC plays a key role in the success of the entire Army. Personnel work with wide-ranging customers to understand their needs and then apply the right business strategies to fulfill those needs.


ACC employees continually seek out new opportunities to leverage Army purchasing power through strategic sourcing activities. All personnel have real opportunities to make a measureable difference in the organization and in the Army’s worldwide operations. Working collaboratively among customers, industry partners and other ACC staff, personnel:


Perform market research to identify potential sources of supplies and services

Develop plans to ensure that a contract offers the best business solution for customers

Conduct negotiations to ensure adequate terms and reasonable prices are achieved

Evaluate proposals and make contract award decisions

Promote adequate competition from both small and large businesses, educational institutions, and not-for-profit organizations


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Best Uses is a gateway for job seekers to access hundreds of job openings available in approximately 85 locations in the U.S. and about 25 locations outside the country. These federal government jobs offer extensive benefits and competitive salaries. Additionally, the jobs are continually in demand and personnel are not subject to the job-force reductions so often seen in today’s economic climate. Job seekers who have an educational background or experience in any of the following areas are considered for employment: Contracts, Accounting, Business, Finance, Marketing, Purchasing, Economics, Law, Industrial Management, Organization & Management, and Quantitative Methods.


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