Niche job boards is the nation's premier professional networking site and job board for Black professionals in the United States. We serve as the premier resource for connecting aspiring and accomplished Black professionals in a community experience that will assist them in realizing their professional and personal goals.


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1. Search over 100,000 Jobs

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4. Use our Career Resources and Toolkits

5. Build Your Professional Online Brand

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7. Meet Black Professionals from a Variety of Industries

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A river is only as strong as all of its currents combined. Be a part of the force of A Mighty River today! has grown to become a vital career resource for job seekers and corporations alike. With resumes from qualified Black professionals, job postings from some of today's industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies, career advice and an e-newsletter, is achieving its goal of enhancing opportunities for Blacks and delivering a complete source for corporations to act upon their diversity initiatives.

Best Uses Finding job opportunities in the US and networking with Black professionals.

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