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MnEnergyCareers is a career and education information web site focusing on the Energy sector: Renewable Energy, Traditional Utilities, Distribution and Energy Efficient Construction. The site includes comprehensive information on labor market condistions, education opportunities, licensing, certifications, jobs and skill requiremenst and worker profiles. It includes interactive and multimedia features such as videos,... more »


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Web 2.0/social media sites specializing in job searches or job postings

GreenJOBS.pro - #1 website for Green and Sustainable Jobs

Launched in 2009 with emphasis on cleaner and greener jobs, GreenJOBS.pro seeks to revolutionize the way green jobs are filled and created, it is important to note that GreenJobs.Pro is a proprietary online job system dedicated to helping companies reduce their carbon emissions and achieve their corporate social responsibility objectives by hiring smarter and creating cleaner jobs for all Americans. The company's tool... more »


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