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Wilco (Williamson County) Entrepreneur Network

Alliance of Texans Building Businesses Mission: People helping people build businesses and jobs. Facilitate the learning, discussion and collaboration of people building businesses. Audience: Anyone interested in starting or buying a business. Anyone needing help with their existing business. Anyone with experience starting, owning/operating a business and willing to mentor others.... more »


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ArmyHire.com - Job Openings in Procurement and Acquisition

ArmyHire.com enables job seekers to apply for U.S. Government Civilian positions in the Army Contracting Command (ACC). The job openings are for contracting and procurement personnel, and are open to people currently employed in industry or in government. ArmyHire.com contains information about ACC, job openings and job benefits, and candidates click on links to submit job applications via ArmyHire.com or USAJobs.com.... more »


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