Career tools (e.g ladders, transition tools, etc.) - Free Salary Calculator & Wage Information is a comprehensive salary center that will provide users with tools that can increase their salary potential. These tools include a free salary calculator that allows users to quickly find the average salary paid for a position in a particular city/state, as well as, nationally. Also offered is a premium salary report that is tailored to a user's years of experience, education level, and company size. In addition, if a user is considering a move or longer commute, they can use the Cost of Living Calculator to find the equivalent of their salary in their current location in a different city or state. When using these tools, it is helpful to visit the Salary Advice section of the site for tips on how to manage and negotiate your salary.


New to is Jobs by Salary, which allows users to perform a salary search, with a salary range as the starting point. From this search, users can see jobs across different categories, by location, that fit into their desired range. For each job title, several pieces of information are given: salary, required training, growth outlook and a job description. Users can also see open jobs, as well as related jobs.



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