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ALISON is a leading provider of Free Online Interactive Skills Training for the US Workforce. It provides high-quality, engaging, interactive multimedia courseware for certification and standards-based learning to learners across every state in the nation. All courses on ALISON are free for individual learners, and teachers and tutors enjoy free access to manage groups of learners via the open Learning Management System made available for the majority of courses.

Courses on ALISON cover IT Skills, Health and Safety, Languages, Psychometric tests and Financial and Health Literacy with plans for more advanced IT Literacy courses, additional Health and Safety Courses and Language courses becoming available through 2010.

Completing a free interactive course on ALISON and qualifying for an ALISON Certificate of Completion will enhance and strengthen your resume. Before you do a job search, any prospective employee can make sure they are fully IT literate by studying subjects from Microsoft Desktop Applications such as Microsoft Office, be able to touch type, or to make sure you know the fundamentals of health & safety in the workplace. For immigrants to the USA, ALISON provides interactive English language lessons.

Certifying on ALISON shows your next place of employment that you are a lifelong learner, interested in gaining new skills to enhance your career and your career performance. It can help you build up your skills when you are in career transition, and make you more valuable when you are negotiating your next job salary. ALISON provides quality interactive workplace training for free. Keeping your skills up-to-date is becoming an ever more essential part of career management.

Based in Galway, Ireland and Morristown, New Jersey, ALISON has over 300,000 registered learners worldwide. Its mission is to enable anyone, anywhere, to educate themselves for free via interactive self-paced multimedia.

ALISON stands for Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online.


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  1. Comment

    Alison is a good source of learning working methods around the world. It is the best site I have ever seen.

  2. Comment

    it offers safety training - not just computer training

  3. Comment

    I used this FREE training to enhance my skills for my job. I loved the training and it really helped me in my career.

  4. Comment

    I recommend this training to my clients - people with disabilities who are seeking employment. If they need to upgrade their skills, learn new skills, or just get a refresher, this is the site I recommend. It is free and high quality.

  5. Comment

    I found the Alison online courses to clear, concise and extremely helpful in assisting me improve my job skills.

  6. Comment

    I have found this to be an excellent tool to provide training to people to improve/refresh their job skills without requiring them to travel to an on site course or spend a lot of money.

  7. Comment

    Had a great experience on Alison, I took the Access class and was impressed with the thorough explanations and reviews. If I didn't understand a piece I could easily go back a few steps and re-do the lesson. I will be using this site a lot!

  8. Comment

    I have a mental block about learning Access, so I took the ALISON online course and now I understand Access a lot better. ALISON is free, which fits into my budget really well, and the site is addictive. Going from course to course is very user-friendly and before I knew it, 2 or 3 hours had gone by. Not only are Microsoft courses available, but I learned some of the pitfalls of identity theft, and safety in the workplace. My goal is to get a certificate and an ALISON t-shirt.

  9. Comment

    A great resource for up and coming EHS professionals as well as others seeking training and certifications on a budget. The training is relevant and engaging. I have used their classes for career development of my new hires and would definitely recommend them to anyone.

  10. Comment

    I use the Alison on line computer training.

  11. Comment

    Alison is the best online Free training you can find.

    I highly recommend it.

    I'm currently using the computer training, got 2 certificates already ( access and excel).

  12. Comment

    Excellent site. Hopefully we continue to see new updates and training opportunites.

  13. Comment

    I have recommended this tool to my clients for the courses offered in IT skills training and psychometric testing. The courses offered by Alison are high quality and my clients can educate themselves at home and the product is at no cost.

  14. Comment

    Alison is a prime example of a truly free but valuable service for those of us affected by the recession. The only things required to learn is an Internet connection, which Libraries and State Employment Agencies offer freely, and some initiative to learn. Kudos Alison, keep up the good work!

  15. Comment

    I have used their free online program to learn Microsoft courses that I needed for my job in the past. Simply the program is fairly good and I recommend this site to anyone who is seeking for learning tool. Thank you.

  16. Comment

    Working in an urban high school, with our budgets now decreased, makes the free tool of Alison a great resource of courses to help better prepare our students for the workforce.

  17. Comment

    Alison.com seems to be an excellent source for developing new skills. I just took a course and was impressed. I plan to update my skills through there course offerings.

  18. Comment

    alison is an awesome website :-)

  19. Comment

    alison has been great with helping me improve my skills to obtain another job. thanks alison!!!!

  20. Comment

    Absolutely love Alison.com!