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Established 1999.

FREE to job seekers. is the direct web successor to the, the original, niche career site serving the 50+ age demographic. Our goal has been the same for more than a decade and is simply this - to provide trusted, online resources specifically tailored to the needs of the mature and experienced job seeker. provides job listings specifically focused to the older workforce, career data and educational information targeted to those planning a mid to late career transition, articles from knowledge experts covering a range of topics relevant to those seeking new jobs or careers past the age of 50, as well as other features and content to support the career objectives of our nationwide audience.


At Workforce50, we believe that the older demographic is the most underutilized and the most underserved segment of our workforce. While there are many job sites that cater to workforce diversity, diversity initiatives rarely include age or generational diversity. This is our strength and our passion and what sets us apart - our commitment to advocating for better utilization of, and opportunity for, our nation's older, experienced workers.


Our operational policies speak to our commitment. First and foremost, does not copy or aggregate job listings from any other sources. Consequently, when applying to any of our job postings, job seekers can be assured that their age will not be either a surprise to the hiring employer or a screening tool. Our advertising employers are already age-friendly and embrace the experience and talents of our audience of boomers and beyond. All of our job postings come directly from the hiring employer, or its recruiter, and are screened for appropriateness.


We also take privacy and access seriously at Privacy protections include strict protection of job seeker information, which will never be shared with any third parties unless specifically and clearly authorized by the job seeker. Further, we believe that we provide the ultimate in privacy protection by supplying all visitors to the site with visible employer contact information. That way, any visitor to can apply to any job posted without registering any personal information with us. advocates for "No Pastures Here" meaning that every worker or job seeker should be provided with equal opportunity to fulfill their career objectives, regardless of age. No one should be actively or passively "put out to pasture" before their time. Employers of all types can benefit from the experience and wisdom of older workers, including those previously retired and returning to the workforce.


As we continue on our mission, will introduce additional content and features to assist our employers and job seekers in successfully reaching their staffing and employment objectives.


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