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The Underground Job Network

While no single list, website, or resource will contain everything a job seeker needs for an effective job search, the Underground Job Network provides tools and techniques that will make a job search easier. It also provides information about how to tap into the hidden job market and move beyond the big boards and other “traditional” job search methods.


While the Internet has become an increasingly leading force in a job search, it can not replace the direct contact that can be made with a hiring manager. And, while networking does open doors, there are other ways to penetrate the hidden job market and the people behind those jobs. The Underground Job Network discusses the various research techniques that job seekers can use to locate both job opportunities and potential contacts for those jobs.


The Underground Job Network focuses on the positives: that there ARE jobs available and, by knowing the best places to find those jobs by state, company, or industry, you will be in a better position to launch–and complete–a successful job search.



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