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Job seekers can post their resumes on our site so that employers can find them based on qualifications – often before posting jobs. Job seekers can also set up Saved Searches that will email them daily or weekly links to jobs that match their requirements. reaches out to the job seeker community via our Career Connection newsletter, local career events, informational career videos and a strong and growing social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Our high and frequent traffic counts lure top employers to post jobs on our site; this, in turn, spurs more job seekers to come to our site and check out who is hiring locally. Many people hear of our site’s quality and local jobs via word-of-mouth. After 10 years in business, we have become the #1 employment resource in all four of our markets.






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    This site has the best quality and most quantity of Maine jobs. It's very easy to use with great results in finding jobs quickly.

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    My favorite tool on this system that I havent seen elsewhere is the Filter Questions. They are so important. Helps you limit the number of apps down to just those that fit your needs. Especially now when HR depts are so short staffed. It helps cut down on looking at useless resumes and applications

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    JobsinME is the real deal. I found my current position through JobsinME and would recommend it to friends and family.