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Raise your hand if you want to quit your dead-end job! offers you, the job seeker, ALL of the necessary tools to facilitate your job search needs. From resume templates to interview help, revolutionizes the way people apply for jobs with its advanced resume parsing technology.

People love us! We have held advanced resume and interview workshops with KForce, a premier professional staffing firm, with stellar feedback from workshop attendees. We will also scheduled to deliver our free resume workshops to colleges and universities throughout 2010.

Be on the lookout for our free online training sessions!

Here are some STELLAR feedback/responses from workshop attendees:

• 89.5% of the respondents agreed that they received useful information from

• "Great workshop. I recommend it to everyone."

• "People from Jobonomics were phenomenal"

• "I especially like the two sessions with the guys from (I was in Group 5). They provided insight to how recruiters review resumes to get to the few selected to interview and a method on how to stand out when interviewing."


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    DOL Challenge
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    Jobonomics is under moderator review while eligibilty is determined.

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    Jobonomics is a user-friendly, robust tool that works better than the "monster."

    - Grace

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    User-friendly, detailed and so helpful. I am glad to have found Jobonomics and have passed it on to numerous friends searching for jobs. All great feedback especially compared to other job search sites. The resume building and details to make my resume stand out help me immensely!

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    Love this site! Extremely comprehensive and helpful. Now instead of visiting numerous sites while searching for opportunities... I know I can visit one to get the job done. Literally!

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    Jobonomics focuses on "YOU," the job seeker. It doesn't feel like everything is about the recruiter or employer. It's all about what fits for me, me, me!!

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    Jobnomics gave me the edge I needed that other sites could not provide. It is very unique. I highly recommend to all. It is easy to use and provides great results!!!