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Absolutely Abby Offers Secrets From A Corporate Recruiter

AbsolutelyAbby.com was created by Abby Kohut, a Staffing Consultant with 15 years of corporate staffing experience. Abby offers a comprehensive list of secrets for all phases of a job search from the viewpoint of a corporate recruiting professional. She recommends that you first answer your career wake up call and take the time to identify your ideal job and preferred industries. Without knowing your goals, it is impossible to reach them. Then, once the goal is set, differentiating yourself is the name of the game amidst all the competition. You'll learn:

- Why you're on a Never Ending Interview whether you know it or not

- The importance of LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook to your job search

- How to squash the job search blues

- Why and how to interview your next boss

- How to answer the dreaded weakness and other scary questions

- How to be resilient in the face of rejection

- How to use old technology as a new strategy

- How to ask for and conquer informational interviews

- How to warm up the cold call

- Why negotiating during an offer is expected

No matter what stage of the job search you are in and no matter what level of success you have achieved in your career, you will find a bundle of information on AbsolutelyAbby.com that will serve as your keys to success


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