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This is a great interactive tool in which you get live feedback from an expert in your field to help you prepare for job interviews. Using a web cam, the expert actually interviews you, then gives you immediate feedback.


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    Excellent tools for both the inexperienced and experienced job seeker. The interview coaching and resume development are invaluable and will give you skills that you'll use throughout your career.

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    This tool supports those searching for a job as well as those growing their career by supporting interviewing, resume development and career planning. Services are provided by top professionals with industry specific experience. This tool is the Future!

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    You get what you pay for! My point being - in my market there are several networking groups for the unemployed and under employed and through these networking groups you can attend resume writing workshops and interview coaching - all for free. Been there, done that! I went to 360jobinterview.com and selected a Coach with knowledge and experience in my field, my industry, and my targeted employer. - and I paid for it. Got the job!

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    This is a great resource as you can pick an experienced career coach who is specific to your industry. Also you get to see your coach via video conferencing so that makes it more personal. And the price is right too!