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Employ Florida Marketplace - Florida's Online Career Resource

Employ Florida Marketplace is Florida’s official online portal to virtual job-matching services and many other workforce resources. Job seekers can create and post resumes, search thousands of openings in any or all of Florida's 67 counties and access other career-development tools. Florida's businesses are able to access a ready pool of job seekers, ranging from entry-level to executive talent. Labor market and training information also is just a few keystrokes away.

This site is designed to be user-friendly while offering comprehensive resources to Floridians. It’s another powerful tool in Florida's ongoing efforts to connect talent with businesses looking for their next great hire.


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  1. Comment

    I am so glad I found the site! it has alot of good local jobs and info that helps me with my job search.

  2. Comment

    This was a great tool for me when I was doing research for my new career. I was able to find all the demand info, salary info, etc.

  3. Comment

    EFM helped me greatly in my job search. The daily job seek was easier and I had all the information and helpful hints at my finger tips. I am glad I got introduced to the tool.

  4. Comment

    It is really scary that the only way to use this site is for the jobseeker to provide their social security number.

  5. Comment
    surquhart ( Idea Submitter )

    Just to clarify Eric's comment below, in order to fully access workforce services via Employ Florida, a social security number is requested. To search for jobs, no SSN is required.

  6. Comment

    i agree, jobseekers should NEVER enter a SSN on a job seeking website...ask yourself WHY would a website need this from me? I can only think of one, and it doesn't lead to a positive outcome

  7. Comment

    Well this is a State of Florida government funded Job search site so I do not believe that your SSN will be in jeopardy...

  8. Comment

    This tool is an excellent example of private industry working in concert with state government to produce a product that fills a basic need. This site site is part of the national workforce system and the national one stop offices provide you services paid for by federal funds. The job seeker; is a universal customer as defined under the Wagner Peysor Act. Additionally you may qualify for training funds and or supportive services under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). You may choose not to use your SSN, instead a pseudo SSN can easily be established. Your SSN is used (if given) by the State of Florida to confirm a wage record after returning to work! Try using a pseudo SSN with the IRS! Employ Florida is years ahead of the competition! I'm sorry to see comments from those who now fear everthing government!

  9. Comment

    I don't fear everything from the government. I fear things that claim to be from the government but their authenticity isn't obvious.

    Just because somebody calls me and says that they're from the bank, doesn't force me willingly turn over all my information. There's good wisdom behind the phrase "Trust, but verify." This very tactic is the source of identity thefts, and I wish everyone would be a lot more reluctant in turning over their SSN numbers. Law enforcement has enough to do as it is, and we should all be more active in reducing the behaviors that make identity theft such an burden to our society.

  10. Comment

    This is a good source of job exploration for me.

  11. Comment

    I have found Employ Florida Marketplace to be an invaluable resource from both sides of the fence; as a service provider and as a job seeker. In rolls as an employment specialist and special projects coordinator, to a program manager for placing persons with disabilities into the workforce, the resume building and posting tools, searchable database, labor market information, and the many analyzing and personalization tools, I made use of these and taught clients and customers how to use these to their advantage. As a job seeker, two of my last three jobs were found on EFM, and knowing how to use the system I believe gave me an edge over other candidates with similar backgrounds and experience. The ongoing updates and changes have added value to EFM, and place our ‘one-stop’ system ahead of others. I now conduct nationwide placement activities, and EFM’s tools and ease of use have me wishing other states have what we have! Keep up the good work and thank you EFM!

  12. Comment

    I think there's something to be said for what both eric AND ppig have said. Absolutely confirm the veracity of any site asking for your SSN. However, if my tax dollars are being spent on an official state job website, I want to know that they know it works! If that means giving my government ID to the same government that issued it to me so that they can track which users actually go to work... that seems like a lesser evil than wasting my tax money on a site that they can't prove actually helps anybody. Just saying...

  13. Comment

    I think that one of the most valuable features of Employ Florida Marketplace is that it checks the entire Internet for jobs that match your search terms. It searches Monster and all the many other job boards as well as all the corporate web sites and more. This is a real time saver - all from one web site. If you take the time to find the key words and job titles that work best for you, this tool is unbeatable for uncovering new emplyment opportunities.

  14. Comment

    I have been using the one stop center in milton and pensacola for years but have been a regular seeker on their website since july of 2008. While I haven't found an opportunity yet, I have been able to define my years of work since june of 2009.

  15. Comment

    I find an informative, website that has mostly current information that I have been using for over 18 months. The sister website workforce solutions is crap and a waste of time and money.I called and emailed a total of four times and have not gotten a response yet.

  16. Comment

    I don’t waste time weeding through pages of jobs that don’t apply to me. Employ Florida sends me the jobs I want automatically by email. Employ Florida is the best job search site, hands down, but what really sets it apart from the other sites is the huge assortment of tools that help to chart a career rather than just find a job. I am employed now but still use Employ Florida to store all of my resumes, job searches, references, and letters. The education center allows me to find training opportunities. I have taken a number of online training courses that I found there for free. I use Employ Florida to track my progress as I complete courses and gain skills. With every new skill I add my job search results get better and I can see what occupational opportunities have opened for me. The career informer tool shows me all there is to know about any occupation: skills necessary, daily tasks, education required, salary range, how many jobs are available and much more. I this time of rising unemployment I can great information like which jobs are actually growing and which areas have the most opportunity. One of the coolest things about Employ Florida is the career explorer tools. After taking some online assessments Employ Florida can recommend jobs that I am likely to enjoy based on my personal interests and values. How eye opening! Employ Florida keeps me in touch with the opportunities in my occupation and helps me grow in my career.

  17. Comment

    I used EmployFlorida, successfully, twice over the last year when the economic environment took down both small business companies I had been working for; the search functions are so flexible it was easy to cast a wide net and then winnow down the results to what I was looking for

  18. Comment

    This site rocks! It had so many results and not just from employers on this site - I saw jobs from other sites too. It made my search much easier.

  19. Comment

    As a previous employee of a local workforce; and a user of Employ Florida Marketplace (both at work and personally) I love to read all of this feed back. I am now a secondary teacher at a local high school working with at risk students and I refer to the site ona regular basis to help transistion them into post-secondary life. Very handy tool, really is run at the core by folks who have their fingers on the pulse of the local job market and are in turn leading employers to the resource as well. I had two phone offers for jobs, after I was already hired as a teacher, for very lucrative positions. My husband is currently using the system due to being a victim of the economy...

    If you don't want to put your social in don't, but it won't be as effective a tool for you if you are doing more than just a basic job search. If you have filed for umemployment, you are required to register w/Employ Florida Marketplace in order to keep your benefits ($$$$) coming, and part of the way they can establish that you are you is by your social! It is a governemt site and I am sure that they do not want a million lawsuits because they allowed people's info into the wrong hands...

    God bless us in these times, God bless us all!

  20. Comment

    I love Employ Florida Marketplace like a fat kid loves cake!

  21. Comment
    Unsubscribed User

    Presentation is very user friendly == this site will be very useful to me .

  22. Comment

    I love how you can look up jobs and it really don't take a long time. It really is a good site to know...

  23. Comment

    I hope the state never removes the Employ Florida website due to budget cuts. It has been a very useful tool for me and millions of other Floridians.

    I only have one negative comment. I entered and saved my resume (text), but wasn't able to edit it. It appears I have to delete it and start over. If there is something I'm missing, please let me know.

  24. Comment

    beesmithj: To edit a resume, just click on the heading of the section that you want to edit. If you're having any trouble, there is a very responsive helpdesk for the site which you can contact at 1-800-438-4128.

    Hope this helps!

  25. Comment

    Excellent job site with all the right tools. This site has an extensive list of jobs, and provides the jobseeker with access to the resources to creat resumes, C.V.'s and cover letters. Best jobsite I've found on the net. The designers have shown tremendous insight into todays's employment marketplace.

  26. Comment

    OK I gave a fairly good review so stop sending junk emails. Enough!

  27. Comment

    I found the Labor Market Information and facts very accurate and up to date. Excellent touch to identify occupations that are in demand and link them to the latest standardized occupational code (O*NET) data. Cross referencing the statistics matches the statistics published on the state sites.

  28. Comment

    this is a great tool for job seekers !

  29. Comment

    Al fincontre un sitio EN ESPANOL q me ayuda a encontrar un trabajo y tambien informarme de salarios y otras ocupaciones. Mucha ayuda. Muchas gracias.

  30. Comment

    A No-fee, user friendly website to connect job seekers to employment opportunities; create and store up to 10 resumes; create and store cover letters; and create virtual online recruiters. Also serves employers who wish to post their job openings.

  31. Comment

    EFM is a very impressive, agile, and powerful workforce development tool. Kudos to the State of Florida.

  32. Comment

    I found my current job at Employ Florida the referrals from my local career central in conjunction with Employ Florida was great. The referrals allowed me to pre-qualify for a job. One of the best things was the current count of jobs. I had used other sites as well but this site had the newest, updated jobs and more posted than the other sites.

  33. Comment

    I like how you can narrow your job search down by what type of listing you want to see. When I was interested in working for a local university, I could search only educational institutions. I saved different searches (what they call virtual recruiters) to basically group my results by what kind of job I was looking for. Made it easy to look at first choice jobs, then second choices, etc.

  34. Comment

    This sit is great. I have used it and several of my friends have also used this site to job search

  35. Comment

    This search site is great for searching from the island I leave on in Tampa Bay general area, and searching by zip code radius or by multiple counties to see commutable jobs that might be available.

  36. Comment

    There aren't many jobs in Venice, but this seems to be that has the most of them.

  37. Comment

    I'm retired and like that I can looking just for volunteer work in my area or partime volunteer work in neighboring areas.

  38. Comment

    I found the job I start in two weeks on this site.

  39. Comment

    Great site to search jobs in FL. It has a lot of posted jobs.

    Easy to use for quick search. It also has carrier builder that helps matching your skills to available jobs, builds resume and much more.

    One little recomendation is to remove requirement to provide SSN in profile.