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Live here. Work here. connects you to local employers and local jobs in the Minneapolis metropolitan area. We are the #1 employment website in the state of Minnesota and are adding new jobs daily. Our job opportunities include executive, professional/technical, hourly/skilled and internships to accommodate all job seekers.

Job seekers benefit from our live, interactive and free Webinars regarding how to write an outstanding cover letter and resume, how to network and attend job fairs effectively, and how to master your interviewing skills. At the end of each Webinar we do a Q&A to answer all of your questions.

All employers who advertise with us are verified by one of our trained staff members to ensure that the employer has quality job opportunities. You won’t find “work from home jobs, pyramid scheme jobs, etc.” on our website!

Our website allows all job seekers, including persons with disabilities, to easily navigate our sites, find company information and open positions, and have a fair application experience.

Some of our job seeker’s favorite features are:


Save a customized job search and run it whenever you wish, plus you can have results emailed to you on a daily or weekly basis.


Store multiple, customized resumes. It is always beneficial to tailor each resume to a particular job.


A public resume can be viewed by all employers, while a private resume can be viewed only by those you send it to. You decide what setting works for each resume you create.


For expert advice on how to prepare for your next interview and what not to say at the water cooler, keep on track with articles written by career authors.

Good luck on your job search!

All of our resources are free to job seekers. If you have questions or comments, please contact us at 888-612-3775 or


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